Non Canon exists apart from the story we know and love. A concurrent storyline, a different perspective, the world we experience through someone else's eyes; familiar but insightful for its new dimension.

Self-titled debut album out now on CD and limited edition vinyl from Xtra Mile Recordings (home to Frank Turner, Ben Marwood, Chris T-T, Beans On Toast, Against Me and more).

In another life entirely, Non Canon gathers maelstroms of guitar noise and feeds them with caustic, yelled, (a)stringent sentences, under the name Oxygen Thief. Having spent ten years deftly swerving expectation at every measure as OT, Non Canon turns things on their head again. He threads cello where there may have been feedback once, places a third chord where two key changes could have lain, and repeats a chorus line where a scream may have broken the silence instead. He's returned to his acoustic beginning, that’s true, but he’s torn that up and refused to retain his previous self-taught lessons.

Guest musicians include Chris T-T, providing piano on 'Bad Twin', backing vocals from Ben Marwood, Charlie Barnes (a touring member of Bastille), and Kat Dolan, Gareth from My First Tooth/Lucky Shivers playing drums, and a cast of old friends playing cello, double bass, violin and viola. Non Canon has been seen performing at 2000 Trees Festival, Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings, and on tour with Ben Marwood, Chris T-T and Sad Song Co.